Thursday, 24 April 2014

Eyebrow Make Up Tips

Top 3 Make Up Tips: Eyebrows

fusion studios makeup tips eyebrows

Chose professional threading or do it yourself?

It's best to get it done professionally now and then. If done right, it will transform your face and will only increase your chances to get noticed by a modelling agency. Find out how to do it yourself and you could save money!

Colour your eyebrows?

If you are very dark you may chose to lighten your eyebrows, or darken them depending on what looks best. Some people bleach them with facial bleach to make them less harsh. Don't leave it on too long though if are trying this!

What shape to chose?

Thicker is better and make you look younger, so go easy on the tweezers! For shaping, remember, the arch of your eyebrow should fall directly above the outside of your iris. Never use an eyebrow pencil, you will have terrible completely black eyebrows. Use powder instead of pencil. If your eyebrows are crazy keep them in place with eyebrow gel.

Fusion Studios is a photography studio based in Manchester. They specialise in modelling portfolio and fashion photography. Find out more about Fusion Studios on their website. Keep up to date with Fusion Studios modelling news by following them on Twitter.

Here's an interesting eyebrow tutorial from the web:

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fusion Studios Photography Packages

Fusion Studios - Female Modelling

Welcome to Fusion Studios, the Manchester based photography studio. Here is a run down of their modelling services. Fusion Studios are not a modelling agency. They also take a deposit up-front. We will also include the prices for their different services so you know what to expect. To get in contact with Fusion Studios visit their website today!

Women Packages

Couples - Capture the mood, and your love for each other with our amazing couples shoots. Find out more about how we take photos in this modelling article. You are charged an £89 deposit on the website by Paypal. See their terms and conditions on their website.

Mum & Daughters - Get to have a great day out and spend time with your daughter and have the photos to show off forever! Fusion Studios specialize in these kinds of photos and ensure a great result. You are charged an £89 deposit on the website by Paypal. See their terms and conditions on their website.

Fashion Photography (Single) - Fusion Studios specialize in fashion photography. They can show off your photogenic side and your skills as a model. You also get to bring 6 outfits to change into on the day, as well as multi sets and location shoots. You also have access to top makeup and stylistics to make your experience perfect. You are charged an £55 deposit on the website by Paypal. See their terms and conditions on their website.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Celebrities As Role Models

Fusion Studios

Plastic surgery has been a fascination for celebrities and models trying to compete with each other for the limelight. However, many young people aspire to look like them and spend thousands on plastic surgery to fulfill an image of beauty that is unnatural.

Models like Amy Childs looked perfectly good before have gone under the knife but did so anyway. Many are left with a trout pout or weird eyebrows that make them look like they are in a wind tunnel.

If you do have a legitimate medical reason to have plastic surgery, or you have low self esteem because of a physical problem, then you can consider it. However, many celebrities have operation after operation when they are perfectly attractive to begin with. Young people won't think that the way to get ahead in life is to be the same and they will realise it takes a lot of hard work and dedication behind the scenes to make it. Jordan Belfort and author of Wolf of Wall Street said: ''It's easy to get rich quick, what's hard is the preparation involved to get to that point when you can get rich quick''.

Fusion Studios is one of the leading photography studios in the UK. We are based in Manchester in the Northern Quarter and have been established over 10 years. We specialize in unique and beautiful photoshoots designed to make you stand out and look your best. If you are an aspiring model or in need of a specific photography service, visit Fusion Studios website now.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Find out more about Fusion Studios

Fusion Studios Introduction...

There are many reasons why our clients choose us when they need photography work done. At Fusion Studios we work with our clients to achieve a beautiful and individual result they are happy with. Our prices are very conservative compared with other studios offering similar photography services. Fusion Studios are not a modelling agency.

We are based in Manchester, and are known for high quality photoshoots across the country. If you are considering modelling, or just need a professional team around you to help you achieve the look you want, then look no further. This is truely a unique studio, and pride themselves on getting a unique result for every client. Fusion Studios in not a modelling agency. Here is a link to the official website:

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